Protect Your Identity!

Your identity could be at risk from fraudsters searching through your rubbish to obtain personal information.

To protect yourself from this threat of fraud, buy one of our great range of document shredders and destroy your confidential information before you throw it away.

Personal records such as Credit Cards, Customer Records, Bank Statements, Utility Bills and Confidential Correspondence, can be used by potential fraudsters to steal your identity and use it to buy goods which will then be charged to your account without you even knowing.

New FACTA Laws

The FTC's latest FACTA rule requires any business "that maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information, or any compilation of consumer information, derived from consumer reports for a business purpose" to "properly dispose of such information or compilation." Both FACTA and the new rule are supposed to cut down on the incidences of identity theft by, among other methods, restricting the ability of thieves to go "dumpster diving" for valuable consumer information contained in discarded business records.

On June 1, 2005, the FTC's rule on the proper storage and disposal of certain "consumer information" went into effect. This rule was issued by the FTC as part of its jurisdiction under the Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act or FACTA.



The Intimus 14.95 heavy duty shredder has all the features you expect from a heavy duty shredder and a few new features for secure shredding. The two most striking new features of the Intimus 14.95 are its portability and anti-jam system. Designed to fit through standard office doorways, our shredder truly does what the competition cannot. The other unique feature is the Intimus "automatic reverse and restart" function for use in the event of a feed overload situation.

If a jam occurs, the Intimus 14.95 shredder will reverse, clear the jam, and resume shredding without operator intervention. After the third attempt to shred the jam, the conveyor belt will automatically return the jamming material to the machine attendant for sorting. In addition to these unique features the 14.95 also offers all the usual features you expect on a heavy duty shredder.

The 14.95 comes in 2 strip cut versions and for high security applications, a cross cut version. The conveyor belt feed and paddle system moves both flat and crumpled paper easily to the cutting cylinders. The control panel is designed for ease o fuse operation without sacrifice to safety mechanisms. And all system functions use a programmable logic controller to insure trouble free operation.

High Performance

  • High-power, thermally protected geared electric motor (10 HP) and stable drive
  • Rugged, wear-resistant cutting cylinders made from high-grade steel for optimum cutting performance
  • 17'' working width; suitable for all standard computer formats

    Designed for easy operation
  • Conveyor belt system
  • Safety switch to stop machine if access door to the receptacle is opened
  • Movable on two fixed and two lockable casters
  • The 31 1/2'' width makes it easy to move through all standard doors for greater mobility
  • Easy to understand and use controls - clearly laid out, rugged rotary selector switch for On/Off and reverse function
  • Lockable master switch to prevent unauthorized use
  • Visual status displays

    Unique imput method
  • Large feed table for safe and rapid loading improves productivity
  • Integrated conveyor system moves the paper into the cutters
  • Paddles in front of the shredding mechanism handles smooth as well as crumpled paper with ease
  • Auto-reverse for safety and performance

    Trouble-free operation
  • All system functions are programmable logic controller (PLC) controlled
  • Automatic reverse and restart in case of overload

    Sheets Per Pass: 120 - 130 (1/4'' x 2'' cross cut)
    130 - 140 (1/4'' strip cut)
    200 - 210 (1/2'' strip cut)
    Shred Size: 1/4'' x 2''
    Throat Width (Inches): 17"
    Speed (Feet Per Minute) 59 (1/4'' x 2'' cross cut)
    55 (1/4'' strip cut)
    60 (1/2'' strip cut)
    Waste Volume Capacity 53 gallons
    Security Level Level 3 (1/4'' x 2'' cross cut)
    Level 2 (1/4'' strip cut)
    Level 1 (1/2'' strip cut)
    Power 10 HP
    Voltage 208/220V 3 phase
    Dimensions 31 1/2'' width

Intimus 402

Cutting Capacity 1/4": 22-25 sheets
1/8": 16-19 sheets
Shred Size 1/4"
Voltage 115V
Power .62 H.P
Practical Cap 96 pph
Catch Basket 1.5 cu.ft
Noise Level 57 Db.a
Dimensions 29 1/8'' H x 15 3/8'' W x 11'' D
Weight 43 lbs.
Special Features · Security: Level 2
· Working width: 9 1/2"
· Cutting speed: 20 feet per min.
· Automatic, via light barrier
· Auto Stop and Reverse button when over loaded
· "Ready" indicator
· LEDs for paper jam, bin full and door open
· Dustproof enclosure- mounted on rollers for flexible use
· Large-volume catchbasket with changeable plastic bags
· Electronics controlled by micro-controller
· Cutters made of solid, hardened steel

Intimus 602

Cutting Capacity 1/4": 30-36 sheets
1/8": 18-25 sheets
Shred Size 1/4"
Voltage 115V
Power 1.5 H.P
Practical Cap 150 pph
Catch Basket 4.5 cu.ft
Noise Level 54 Db.a
Dimensions 40'' H x 26'' W x 17'' D
Weight 132 lbs.
Special Features · Security: Level 2
· Working width: 16"
· Cutting speed: 30 feet per min.
· Automatic, via light barrier
· Auto Reverse when over loaded and reversed
· "Ready" indicator
· LEDs for paper jam, bin full and door open
· Dustproof enclosure- mounted on rollers for flexible use
· Large shelf - hinged to save space
· Large-volume catch basket with changeable plastic bags
· Opening for general paper waste
· Electronics controlled by micro-controller
· Cutters made of solid, hardened steel

Intimus Conveyor Shredder S14.90

  An exceptionally high volume shredder that accepts waste up to 17" wide and uses a conveyor system for maximum throughput! A special feed system enables the unit to shred almost any office waste, including bound material and crumpled paper. The system is user friendly with simple controls at the operator's finger tips. A mobile catch basket allows the operator to dispose of the shred waste in a clean and efficient manner. The same efficient system is available in two optional configurations. Disposing of the daily flood of business paper can be a big problem. Cost-efficient Schleicher shredder/baler systems are the definitive answer. First, the shredder safely shreds computer printouts, cartons, carbon ribbon cassettes - even complete files! Than, the optional baler powerfully compacts the shreds into a neat bale, ready for storage or transport. The entire operation is automatic and continuous. thus eliminating dangerous gaps in security. The S14.90 comes with a variety of cutting mechanisms and can handle files of up to 140 sheets at a time.

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